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Soil, well worth preserving
Thermal treatment
The thermal plant in Herne specializes in the treatment of massive and complex contaminated mineral wastes.

The principle of treatment is based on the thermal desorption by pyrolysis. Organic contaminants (eg TPH, PAHs, PCBs, dioxins and furans, pesticides, etc.) as well as cyanide, mercury and explosives are permanently destroyed by the applied principle !

Typical projects are gas works, coking plants, chemical production, and military burdens.

The spectrum of pollutants to be treated include :

  • Organic pollutants (TPH, PAHs, etc.)
  • Volatile heavy metals (mercury)
  • Chlorinated compounds (PCBs, dioxins & furans, etc.)
  • Other toxic or hazardous substances (cyanide, pesticides, solvents, etc.)